Ten Must-Binge Shows for Homeowners

Home inspiration can come from tons of places. One of our favorite ways to glean inspiration is by watching home shows on our favorite streaming sites. How better to cozy up and power down at the end of the day than with a binge session? Watching your favorite Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu shows about the places we call home can give you creative ideas and a unique perspective!

If you’re looking for something new to add to your queue, check these out! 

  1. Get Organized with The Home Edit (Netflix)- Clea and Joanna are no-nonsense home organizers with a successful business, book, social media accounts, and a product line. This show follows them and their team as they organize the spaces of their celebrity clients along with the homes of non-celebrities. They do this with humor and wit while sharing valuable tips and tricks. 
  2. Interior Design Masters (Netflix)- This design competition show follows British designers as they compete to win the opportunity to design a swanky hotel bar. This is a great show for learning from design pros and sparking your inner interior designer’s creativity.
  3. Escape to the Country (Amazon Prime)- If you’re looking for another show that hops the pond into Great Britain, look no further. This show is aspirational real estate at its finest. Dream about buying your own historic English country cottage as you follow the stories in this charming series.
  4. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (Netflix)- The Konmari method of home organization has taken the world by storm. Marie Kondo’s first book is one of the best sellers in the world and has changed the lives of so many readers. Follow along as the master of this method works with homeowners to change their homes for the better.
  5. The Really Big Flip (Amazon Prime)- Part inspiration, part game show, The Really Big Flip follows contestants as they embark on one of the biggest projects of all- a house flip! Watch this high stakes game as three teams search for, purchase, and renovate their own fixer uppers. 
  6. Grand Designs (Netflix)- This BBC program follows homeowners who are about to embark on home renovations that will delight. Learn about a wide variety of home styles, sustainable architecture, or unique conversions that are sure to impress on this binge-able series.
  7. Home Town (Hulu)- Ben and Erin Napier are a southern duo who have a vision for making their hometown a thriving community once again. Follow along as they design and renovate homes for their friends and family in Laurel, MS. Erin’s unique design vision and Ben’s carpentry expertise make this show a wealth of creative inspiration.
  8. Stay Here (Netflix)- A must watch for anyone who has considered owning a short-term rental. Stay Here features designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer as they guide homeowners through the process of making their rental properties profitable. If you own (or hope to own) a Jersey Shore rental property, this is the show for you! 
  9. Brand New House on a Budget (Amazon Prime)- Most every home makeover has some sort of budget, like it or not. While a homeowner can feel constricted by a budget, a pro can stretch it to create a masterpiece. This show is the perfect way to learn top designer tricks for making your renovation budget stretch. 
  10. House Hunters International (Hulu)- Who doesn’t love the idea of moving to an exotic or chic international locale? This real estate show is a classic that follows buyers who head to international locations to purchase a home. 

Now is the time to pop some popcorn, change into your lounge pants, and settle in for a satisfying (and inspirational) binge session. We’d love to know, what’s your current must-watch streaming home series? 

Photo by Vlada Karpovich via Pexels.com. 

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