Keep Pets Cool With These Summer Hacks

Your pets can really feel the effects of the summer heat this time of year. Whether it’s from long sunny days of pesky backyard flies, they can feel the not-so-great effects of the summertime as much as humans. These hacks and products are super helpful and promise to make your pets feel comfy and cool this summer! 

Frozen Blueberry Dog Treats– This blueberry treat recipe is a delicious way to keep Fido cool. Made with blueberries and Greek yogurt, your pup will love these! 

Kitty Ice Cream– Cats love milk, and they’ll love this delicious kitty ice cream treat on a hot day. 

Cooling Pet Mat– Your pets deserve a place to cool down when the temps rise. Many pet beds are made of warm material. This is a great warm weather solution!

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Collapsible Dog Pool– If your pup loves to splash in water, this is a fun backyard solution. Set it up and give your dog a place to play or a quick bath. 

Thunder Shirt– Summer storms can be traumatic for dog friends. This shirt acts as a calming presence for your pets when summer storms hit.  

Fly Traps– Your backyard can be a haven for pets, but also for flies. These hanging fly traps are a fantastic way to keep these backyard free of these pesky critters. 

Gravity Food or Water Station– Keeping pets hydrated is extra important on hot days, especially for furry friends. This bowl makes it easier to keep everyone hydrated and cool. 

Travel Water Bottle– If you’re taking your animals on a trip in the car, this pet watering bowl is a fantastic solution. It takes up very little space and works well on road trips. 

Puppy Treat Molds– These molds are perfect for making frozen treats over the summer. 

Hydro Cooling Dog Collar– This wearable cooling device is a great idea for a day at the beach or a long hike with your pup. It works to cool their whole body for a more comfortable furry friend. 

Chilly Penguin Treat Holder– Freeze this device to hold treats for your animals. They can play with it and enjoy the coldness while searching for a delicious treat! 

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