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Don’t go to people with no real estate experience for market information.

Over the last several months, Joe and I have been getting call after call from people asking us, “What’s going on with the market? What’s the outlook? What are you guys seeing down the road?” 

The interesting thing is that most of these people tell us they were chatting about the topic with their friend or neighbor. Here’s why you should stop guessing about what’s happening in the market.

These sellers, who are looking down the road a year or two, are making statements like, “Well we think we’re going to wait.” Or  “I was talking to my buddy/doctor/neighbor/the guy we golf with/etc.” 

You should stop guessing about the market.

Should you really talk with the guy you golf with about your stock portfolio when you have absolutely no idea if they even have one? Do you talk with your dentist about back pain? No.

Our advice is to stop guessing about the market. Call us here at the Ferzoco Group instead. We have over 30 combined years of real estate knowledge, and we’ll walk you through what’s happening in the market right now and where we foresee the market going.

If you want to know what’s going on in the market, reach out and give us a call at 609-318-343 or email us at

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