Try These 2021 Trends to Upgrade Your Space

We all blinked and somehow 2021 is more than halfway over. The midpoint in the year is a great time to think about making your home a space you truly love. As we all begin to entertain again and hope to open our homes more often, it’s a great time to think about adding in some fresh and trendy touches to your spaces. Check out these five, easy to implement ideas for your space! 

Open Shelving With a Curated Collection

Open Shelves have been making the rounds for a few years. The latest iteration is to share them with a really great curated collection that shares something about your story. Share a favorite vintage glass collection, your enamel cookware, or a movable seasonal display on these shelves. Show your personality in this classic trend. 

Try it For Yourself: A collection of colorful dinnerware is a great functional thing to display on your open shelving. 

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Comfortable Backyard Living Spaces

With everyone spending more time at home in the last year, we all grew to love our backyards even more. Invest some time and energy into the outdoor rooms of your home this summer and fall. Add in comfortable seating, climate control measures, and heavenly textured outdoor rugs to make a space feel like an indoor room. Savor nature by investing in your backyard this year. 

Try it For Yourself- A plush couch is the perfect way to enjoy long days with friends in the summertime.

Bright Pops of Cheery Color

We’re all yearning for more optimism in our lives. These cheery pops of color will give you the instant mood booster. Designers are painting doors with bold and bright colors and making a fun statement. If you’re looking for something a bit more approachable, try a bright vase or a few fun throw pillows in a sunny hue. The whole point of this trend is to add some optimism. Do that easily with the help of a few key pieces. 

Try it for Yourself- These pillow covers feature a gigantic gingham design that works with farmhouse decor. 

Rattan Pieces

Rattan has been having a moment. Sculpted rattan pieces aren’t the tired old beachwear that your parents used at the beach. Stunning pieces, such as hanging light fixtures and ottomans that act as conversation starters are all included in this tred. Add some texture, natural elements, and warmth with the help of this bohemian trend. 

Try it for Yourself- This hanging rattan light fixture is a fantastic way to add texture and light over a dining table. 

Earthy Green Wall Colors

Paint is a great way to switch it up and embrace a trend without spending a whole lot of money. The green wall colors of the moment are forest greens and mossy hues. The aim of this shade colors is to make you feel like you’re in a dreamy forest surrounded by lush nature. 

Try it for Yourself- This removable wallpaper features a fantastic green color and some modern brush stroke designs. 

Photo by Skylar Kang via Publer. 

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